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Your Day with Solink: Dashboards

Helping to Monitor Your Transactions for Suspicious Behavior

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 In this 1-hour training webinar, Tom will show you how to leverage widgets on the dashboard page to quickly identify problem areas in your business and how to action them. 

Once activated, Dashboards can be an integral piece of running your business. Dashboards combine the vital parts of your business in a visual and easy to understand way. The Solink Dashboards can combine data across multiple locations to help provide you insights in one quick glance. 

Learn how to get the most out of Solink’s Dashboards, we’ll cover the following;

  • How to create a widget on a Dashboard page
  • What are the most important widgets to include on my Dashboard
  • How can I uncover fraud, theft or policy abuse on my Dashboard page
  • How to action problem areas on the Dashboard page
Companies that rely on Solink: