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Hear from a Toast + Solink customer:

"The best part of Solink is how easy it is to use. After all the security software I’ve used, I was expecting another complicated system. I quickly saw that with Solink it’s so easy to clip, share, and download events. 

We benefit from the Toast + Solink integration not just for security, but for store operations as well. I rarely have a manager calling for help anymore—they can figure out how to manage Solink without any hand-holding.”

- Pete Stamm, IT Manager, &pizza 

Why choose Toast?

Increase revenue by driving more orders through tableside ordering and payments, online ordering, and integrated loyalty programs.

Improve restaurant operations 
by gaining visibility into your restaurant’s data through kitchen management technology and an easy-to-use point of sale system built in the cloud.

Deliver amazing guest experiences by offering digital gift cards, text and email receipts, and personalized marketing campaigns.

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