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You already work hard; we help you work smart.

Solink helps find and solve problems that affect businesses every day.

Solink is designed to help business owners and their teams manage a wide range of daily decisions and challenges, all from one platform + app—all locations, any time.

Meet Rachel!

Rachel 2Hi there! My name is Rachel Repp, and I’m Manager of Partnerships here at Solink! We are so excited to meet you. All of us here at Solink are passionate about working with businesses and parters. We love to help users find ways to make running a store or restaurant fun again. Fill out this contact form and let’s talk about how we can work together to find and solve your challenges!


Solink takes care of the daily grind so you can focus on what you really love about business.

Solink provides real-time alerts and a searchable dashboard that pinpoints unusual actions and transactions so owners and managers can quickly problem-solve. We love how much we help owners save on money…and most importantly: time.


Solink customers save time and money

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We pair POS transactions in real-time with on-site camera footage, and create a dashboard of clips, receipts, and motion alerts. Within seconds, find any operations, theft, security, or health & safety issue. Solink works behind the scenes so you can focus on the main stage: your business.