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“Solink is my eyes and ears.”

Cody Herrick, District Manager of Caltex Foods’ Jack in the Box locations, knows what it takes to run a restaurant with a happy team and a healthy profit margin–and that’s why he’s chosen Solink to help him manage operations at his Jack in the Box locations.

Solink helped us get our labour down below our goal by about 0.5 – 1%, just by showing us reports on employee productivity. With lower-performing stores, you can really track where your money is going.”

Solink’s dashboard pinpoints loss and security issues:

  • Internal theft and shrink
  • Thefts and dine-and-dashes
  • Counterfeit and cash register scams
  • Motion and unusual activity
  • Slips and falls
  • Superior case management

One platform + mobile app that functions like a multi-tool for your business.

Snip a clip for later review. Easily share a clip with staff or authorities.
Select specific areas to pinpoint motion in even a small corner of a busy room.
Input any word, name, or product in a transaction. We’ll pull up all events with matching data.
Receive instant alerts on any device for motion, voids, and anything else you need to watch.
Integrate Solink with your HME Zoom Timer; gain visual context for every transaction.
Find the exact transaction or action that matters with specific searches—Solink updates the results in real-time.